As of late 2016, I’m in the process of launching a software startup with a partner.


Recursyv builds software designed to make work easier. We’re looking for those complicated processes which can be solved with good design and careful thought. Then we’re trying to fix them. At the moment, we’re working on two inter-mingled product streams.

Cloud based integrations

Data just wants to be mobile. And cut-and-paste just doesn’t do the job. It’s time to hitch a ride on the Azure service bus and connect your MS Dynamics to your other systems in a straightforward, scalable fashion. We can do that for you.

MS Dynamics Zero-to-hero

We’re building a series of MS Dynamics based products with the aim of getting your business (or team) working productively on Dynamics within a week. They include slimmed down versions of the basic forms, straight-forward business processes and a limited amount of configuration to tailor the package. This reduces both the time taken to get working in Dynamics as well as the often considerable professional services costs associated with Dynamics implementations. and are the places to go for more detailed information.

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