Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
I’m a bit chuffed today, I noticed that Mashable pushed out a Twitter visualisations article just a few days after the one I published on The Next Web. I recognise it’s not a unique idea – but the timing is uncanny. There’s even some overlap in the content. The Next Web’s post Mashable’s post Woohoo ...

No more digests

A housekeeping note. I was looking back through the old posts and decided that The Next Web digests (1, 2, 3, 4) feel a bit out of place. I decided to create a The Next Web page and will stop publishing digests. Tell your worldFacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogleEmailPrintMorePinterestRedditTumblr

More posts from The Next Web 2

More posts from The Next Web
It’s been about a month so time for a new digest of posts. Making LinkedIn work for employer and employee Social media policy development is still in its infancy and one thing many companies are coming to terms with is how to approach LinkedIn. Instinctively, there’s benefit for both parties but working out how to ...

Yours in jousting

Yours in jousting
Here’s a piece I wrote for St Christopher’s Inn’s about 5 years ago, shortly after arriving in the UK. I had all but forgotten about it but a Google alert reminded me and I still think it’s pretty funny, even if it is a long read. Warwick Castle near Birmingham If you have access to ...

Half a dozen blog posts please 1

Half a dozen blog posts please
Third round of guest posts from The Next Web… Video killed the radio star, Facebook killing the Foursquare star? Facebook’s long heralded move into location has often had me thinking about how new features launched by established services can have a profound effect on other players in the market place. Sometimes it necessitates a change ...

The Next Web guest posts, round 2

The Next Web guest posts, round 2
Second round of guest posts from The Next Web… Hey Facebook! Bigger photos are great but here’s how to really improve your photo app The recent acquisition of Divvyshot by Facebook got me thinking about the humble photo app. Given the chance, how would I improve Facebook photos? … – o – 5 surefire signs your ...

thenextweb 1

Recently I’ve started writing guest posts on a great blog site called which, not too surprisingly, deals with emerging trends on the web, tech, etc. Every so often I’ll post links through to my nextweb blog entries on this site. Let me know what you think. Happy landings in Social Media In recent years, ...
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