I’m a technologist who likes to help businesses make change. At the moment (2016), I’m working on building Recursyv. Recursyv builds software designed to make work easier. We’re looking for those complicated processes which can be solved with good design and careful thought. Then we’re trying to fix them. I’m really excited about it and urge you to have a look.

For a while, I used this blog to collect together some of my reflections on the web, tech, gadgets and whatnot. I’ll threw in a few other things that I found interesting along the way. While I was doing that, I learned my way around WordPress and used those skills to build websites for Recursyv and BSG (UK).

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For a year or so I wrote guest posts for The Next Web, the best of the web’s news, views, startups, and culture and Consultive Magazine, an insider’s view into the consulting industry.

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I’m reasonably easy to find online.

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FWIW I have another photo blog and publish interesting pictures on Instagram

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The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent my current or previous employers’ positions, strategies or opinions.

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