It’s been a while

It’s been 3 years. That explains why I’ve not been nominated for blogger of the year since 2013. Or indeed before 2013. Work and family commitments have meant this hasn’t been high priority. And probably won’t be for some time.

Some current projects to check out:

  • Recursyv – a software startup with a partner. Recursyv builds software designed to make work easier. We’re looking for those complicated processes which can be solved with good design and careful thought. Then we’re trying to fix them. We’re building products on top of the Microsoft Dynamics platform. We believe it provides a scalable and flexible customer-focused platform to build the bits and bobs which we’ve observed many businesses need. If you’re not a MS Dynamics user, we can help with that too. (We even have products for small businesses to get up-to-speed quickly).
  • Instagram. Yeah, I finally gave up on hosting my own photoblog and accepted the inevitability of Instagram. I even blogged about it), but I still post interesting pictures there.

That’s mostly it.

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