Time for Angry Birds studio

Today’s big idea is to launch a “design studio” app for Angry Birds.


The ambition is to give anyone the ability to design a custom image for each type of bird and for each type of pig (either by drawing or by uploading a pre-existing image). These would be available to integrate into any version of the game.

As a user, I would be able to do the create/edit in the studio app and have these creations available to use in my version of any of the Angry Birds apps.

I imagine that initially this would be for a single user to create their own creations but in time it could open up a whole gallery / App Store type market for bespoke birds and pigs. Of course, there is potential to monetise here for both Rovio and possible royalty fees for the artist. It might also help Rovio keep the title fresh encouraging greater levels of engagement with the game.

More ambitiously, I imagine there has been talk within Rovio around allowing users to design levels and the like. I guess this is just a bit of a halfway house measure to get there. In time perhaps Rovio becomes a purveyor of gamified physics and allows anyone to mash those onto any canvas.

I previously wrote about an idea for Angry Birds statistics in a post on TNW, if you’re interested in Angry Birds, that’s worth checking out.

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