Progress is in the eye of the beholder #travel

I’ve been packing for an upcoming family trip to Australia. Aside from the usual clothes, toiletries, etc. there’s the usual bits and bobs you need on a trip – camera and something to read.

Bits and bobs for Dave’s first visit to Aus – about 1993

  • Camera
  • Spare film
  • A few paperbacks


Bits and bobs for Dave’s next visit to Aus – 2012

  • Camera  (mental note to charge before travelling)
  • Spare battery  (mental note to charge before travelling)
  • Camera charger & charger cable
  • GPS tracker (to create logfile so that geolocation can be loaded into EXIF data)
  • Spare memory card
  • External HDD to backup photos before travelling
  • Kindle (mental note to charge before travelling)
  • Kindle charger cable
  • USB wall plug thingy
  • UK –> Aus power converter

Sure, my old camera needed batteries. But it used AA’s and I never shlepped spares with me, I just bought as I went. And all of this excludes mobile phone, Netbook and associated chargers because I decided there wasn’t really anything comparable.

It sure seems like all this progress has resulted in me taking far more stuff than I used to.

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