Some of my best pics / playing with @500px

Following a tipoff from The Next Web, I created a 500px gallery of some of my favourite shots over the years. The 20 shot limit (for free accounts) was quite challenging, how do you choose 20 top pics from a heaving hard drive of plenty? I decided to focus on some of my favourite shots from our travels over the past few years. I’m tempted to create a another account specifically for some of my Tour de France shots.

Have a browse, feel free to comment here or on the pics if you like them.

The service can be described as an elegant online gallery service. Not as feature rich as flickr, but with greater emphasis on a more elegant display frame and higher quality pics. There are some quite inspirational images if you browse through other users pics.

I seem to be getting a lot of 404’s on the site this morning so I’ve screenshotted my profile page in case the badge (above) is not working.

500x davereinhardt

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