I’ve been to tweet 3000, not much has changed but they tweet underwater

The tweet for this blog post is my 3000th since joining back in March 2008. 3000 seemed like a good milestone to check out some stats and see what I could learn about my Twittering habits. I browsed through a few Twitter stats sites and this is what I learnt about myself.

How long before I got into the swing of things?

Quite a while. Back then, I joined for two reasons. Firstly I tend to try most web services to see what they’re all about – that also probably explains why I have a list of hundreds of website passwords. Secondly, my favourite band, REM had joined Twitter and I wanted to follow their account.

What does the data say?
Tweet timeline

As expected really. Once I was able to find a focus for my time on Twitter, things began to take off. I have since written a piece on The Next Web about that “aha moment”.

When do I tweet?

I generally use Twitter for work related stuff so I’d suspect tweeting would be during the work day with a peak around lunchtime. I often schedule tweets to spread content out during the day so I’d expect some levelling. I would also expect much more Twitter activity during the week.

What does the data say?
2010 09 29 time
The lunchtime peak seems to happen around 11h00 but otherwise its as expected.

Where do I tweet from?

I would expect this to be driven by my favourite Twitter services

  • Hootsuite – which I keep open all day, every day
  • Twitter for iPhone – only been using this a few months so it might not be significant over the entire life of my Twitter account
  • bit.ly – my URL shortener of choice
  • Twitterfeed and / or dlvr.it – the services I use to push my blog’s RSS feeds directly into Twitter

What does the data say?
Twitter service

This one’s surprising. I guess I do a lot from the website without thinking about it. This reflects some of Twitter’s announcements in the run up to the “new Twitter”. Bit.ly seems to lose out by identifying itself as both “bit.ly” and “bitly”. There’s also still evidence lingering of my BlackBerry days which ended about 3 months ago.

I’ve not yet had a chance to tweet underwater, but I’m sure the time will come. I have tweeted from the air though!

Stats provided by the awesome Tweetstats and Xefer.

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