How not to follow the Tour de France 1

Very occasionally I like to not know stuff and, when that happens, being compulsively hyper-connected can make life quite difficult. One of those things is the results of today’s Tour de France stage. I like to get home and watch the coverage not yet knowing the outcome – pretty old school, huh? It takes all my emotional energy to avoid BBC sports but I realised that I don’t have the willpower to avoid Twitter for half the afternoon. What to do?

The plan is this – I’ll add the likely “result spoilers” to a list – TdF_unfollow – and unfollow them. Then, at the end of the race, I can use the list to easily refollow them and I’m back in business for the less interesting 49 weeks of the year.

I know there are web clients which can manage this process without unfollow / refollow but as I tend to use many different clients and devices to access Twitter during the day, it’s easier to totally wipe them from my timeline.

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