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Third round of guest posts from The Next Web

Video killed the radio star, Facebook killing the Foursquare star?

Facebook’s long heralded move into location has often had me thinking about how new features launched by established services can have a profound effect on other players in the market place. Sometimes it necessitates a change of strategy, sometimes it is a death knell. I got to thinking about how some recent market changes might affect existing players.

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Let’s face it, Twitter has changed the way we signpost content
Recently I was working up some entries for a photo blog that I run and it struck me how much Twitter drives the way I wrote the post titles and signposted content in general

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UK parties’ iPhone apps, who got it wrong? Who got it right?
All the major parties have talked the talk about learning from Obama’s celebrated success at using technology to build a grassroots campaign which engaged voters and all the major parties have released iPhone apps. I got to wondering – have they blended what they’ve learnt from Obama with the power of the iPhone to engage its users?

In this post, I’ll look at each of the party’s election apps considering where they’ve done well and where they’ve got it all wrong. As a reasonable baseline, I’ll suggest that an app should at least have party news, party relevant tweets and policy information. The thing I’m most interested in is whether the apps provide a platform for interested people to get engaged in party activities. Do the apps allow Joe Public to get involved at a grassroots level?

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Could it be that LinkedIn just isn’t that innovative?

I was reflecting on the Facebook / Docs.com announcement and couldn’t help but think about how often I actually collaborate with friends on shared documents. Not very often at all. And how often do I collaborate with colleagues and business partners over a shared document? Every single day. It makes more sense to me that LinkedIn should be leading the way in creating collaboration environments.

As I thought about it, I realised that often LinkedIn are behind the curve with new features. I began to wonder if the service lacked innovation. Gasp! Labelling a popular, successful, monetised web business as lacking innovation could be heresy. Let’s see if I can back it up

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Hear ye, hear ye – making the case for broadcast messaging

I’ve recently been spending a lot of time discussing the integration of social media and intranets with clients of mine. One of the biggest mindset hurdles I encounter is integrating twitter style broadcast messaging into the service. Here’s some thinking to counter the sceptics.

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How LinkedIn should embed itself into our professional lives

I recently met for drinks with a friend of a friend who works at LinkedIn. At the time, I was working on a consulting assignment where one of our challenges is to design a compelling, social media inspired, intranet experience. During the conversation, I had an idea that brought these two things together: LinkedIn should encourage organisations to host LinkedIn discussion content embedded within their intranets.

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Hmmm, looking at it like this suggests I start posts with “I recently…” far too frequently!

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