The Next Web guest posts, round 2

Second round of guest posts from The Next Web

Hey Facebook! Bigger photos are great but here’s how to really improve your photo app

The recent acquisition of Divvyshot by Facebook got me thinking about the humble photo app. Given the chance, how would I improve Facebook photos?

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5 surefire signs your company has missed the point

One thing that gets my goat about many companies going social is that they behave like a Twitter stream and some informal photos on Facebook mean they’re invested in social and talking to their customers. So misguided. Well, what could’ve gone wrong?

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Keeping on top of your social media inbox

One of my biggest challenges across my social media presence is separating the wheat from the chaff. How do I make sure I’m hearing from my most important sources without resorting to ignoring the others? And how can I do this without having to scour across a number of aggregators many times a day?

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Owning the conversation must be better than ignoring it

When considering new social media initiatives, one of the most common responses I get is “But what if people say bad things about our brand?”.

Fact of the matter is, whether or not you have a social media presence, if someone has something to say about you – they’ll find a place to say it online. If you’re lucky, it’s a pokey blog in the corner of and it is not noticed by anybody.

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Getting past the Oprah barrier on Twitter

When I’m working with colleagues and clients I commonly hear “Twitter — I setup an account to see what its all about. I followed Oprah and posted one or two tweets. As far as I know no-one saw them so I lost interest because I just don’t get it.”

In this post I’ll try and frame your thinking around Twitter and how it fits into things.

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