iPhone apps I'd spend a few bob on 5

When I went for the iPhone, one of the key reasons was a sense that the app ecosystem would mean I used the phone more than any other model, even if it meant accepting some of the (widely documented) shortcomings.

This remains the case but there are still a few apps which I’d love to see launched:

  • Pizza ordering. Whichever of Domino’s or Pizza Hut get this out first will make a killing. And if I can convince them to shove the pizza through my living room window I won’t even have to heave myself off the couch.
  • A today screen. An app which shows next 2 or 3 appointments, most recent emails, etc. I think this is blocked by the SDK but it is such an obvious productivity app.
  • Tesco grocery ordering. I know that Ocado have an app but we’re a Tesco household so, truth be told, I want a Tesco ordering app. It should link to my online grocery shopping account, be able to display my “most commonly ordered” list from my online shopping account and be able to place orders on the app. Tesco do have some innovative iPhone apps in play (Tesco card on iPhone, storefinder) so hopefully they’ll get onto this and bring it all together.
  • Household management. In discussing the idea with my wife, she suggested a “household management” app which would suggest ordering basic supplies (toilet paper, cleaning products, etc.) based on average consumption for a household of the size of mine. I guess I’d need to put in how many adults & children are in the house and then let the app do the rest. It would need to be integrated to, or part of, my grocery shopping app so it has knowledge of when I’ve ordered what. Then it can popup reminders, create baskets, etc. One less thing to think about.
  • Museum audio guide system.  Most museums have an audio guide for hire. I’d far rather download to my phone than carry around the poxy headset device most museums offer. Better quality, easier to use, etc. And the app could include museum maps and illustrative pictures. The app could be standardised across all museums and just the content downloaded, either at the museum or in advance – depending on the cost model.

Any other ideas?

5 thoughts on “iPhone apps I'd spend a few bob on

  1. Reply Ross Apr 29, 2010 4:28 am

    While I think the Pizza deliver App will may (a) already be on the market or (b) on its way out soon – Its probably my favourite of the list. An app that I would love to see is one that allows iPhone users to “BBM” with blackberry users…I know, unrealistic and probably impossible but a man can dream right?

  2. Reply David Reinhardt Apr 29, 2010 9:12 am

    Hey – I checked Pizza Hut (UK) and Domino’s and still no iPhone apps.

    There is an IM client which works on both BB and iPhone, it’s called WhatsApp. Its obviously not as ubiquitous as BBM but its a step in the right direction.

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  4. Reply kishor Feb 20, 2011 3:10 pm

    A similar app for android platform to shop tesco groceries can be found here:

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