The 2 not so obvious things I'd want on my next iPhone 2

The recent iPad hullabaloo has overlooked one significant thing – the iPhone is a magnificent device which is, hopefully, still maturing.On the tube recently I was pondering – what would I like to do to it to make it more magnificent? I decided to ignore all the ideas I’ve heard before (multi-tasking, better camera, mp3 ringtones, unified messaging, removable storage, etc.) and think about real game changers. I came up with two…

  1. Add a programmable RFID chip. This would allow app developers to programme the chip to do whatever can be done with chips. Why bother with your Oyster card? Just download the Oyster app and use your phone. The same thinking could be applied to any RFID identifier / micropayments type requirement.
  2. Add photovoltaic cells to the casing and allow the phone to solar charge. This is not to replace traditional charging, just add to it. And get you out of trouble if you’re running low on the road.

And the iPad – well, just because Apple can put an iPhone in a photocopier on 200% enlargement doesn’t mean they should.

Any other suggestions?

2 thoughts on “The 2 not so obvious things I'd want on my next iPhone

  1. Reply Topsoil Mar 6, 2010 7:56 pm

    Thank you for the advice. I’ve found your first point to be most effective.

  2. Reply Lawn Care Mar 15, 2010 3:59 am

    Hey, I think your mostly on track with this, I wouldn’t say I am completely on the same page, but its not really that big of a issue.

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