What's your favorite favorite?

Today’s big idea is to bring some management to Twitter favorites. I often use these when I browsing twitter on a mobile to bookmark for later reading on a PC. This got me thinking two things:

  • [Across twitter] The number of times that a tweet has been favorited is a measure of how interesting people find it (relative to other tweets). This could be used to drive traffic to more interesting twitterers. It could also be used to order results of searches. I think of this as ‘Twoogling’.
  • [Within my account] The ability to add tags to favorites would mean I could manage my favorites like they were bookmarks. The obvious next step is integration to services such as Google bookmarks, del.icio.us, etc.

Is anyone working on this? Does the API even allow access to favorites data?

PS Apologies to the folk at Quality Street, I know it should be “favourite favourite” but Twitter is a US service so they spell it “favorite”.

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