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Way back in 2006 I realised that my name was all over the web, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor reviews, eBay sales, blogs, etc. I pulled together a google pages page which collated all of my personal web presence in one place. It’s a bit hammish, but it got the job done then.

My home made aggregator page

My home made aggregator page

I didn’t give it much thought afterwards, but recently started thinking about aggregators and played out with a few that I could find.



Both are reasonably easy to use. Both have heaps and heaps of services – in both cases there were no services I used that either site did not provide access to. In most cases you’ll not need to provide your password for the various sites you use, just your username. DandyID have also recently launched a Facebook app which allows you to put a profile aggregator onto your Facebook page, that’s pretty cool too. I prefer the look and feel of DandyID but ultimately, I use my Retaggr profile as a link in my email footer, primarily because it shows most recent blog and twitter updates.

Which do you prefer? Do you know of any others?

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